My thoughts, my life, my world!

Another great day!

Once again it’s very sunny here on the Isle of Wight – will be off for a ride on my motorcycle soon to make the most of it. My 4 year old Grandson went swimming in the sea today – he said it wasn’t cold – think he must be the toughest member of the family!

I see that Bernie Ecclestone is being questioned by German State Prosecutors -see  German lawyers confirm questioning Bernie Ecclestone – and we hear that Newscorp is rumoured to be interested in F1 now.

I know things move on but, even though I love F1 and have been a motor racing fan since the age of 5, there is now too much emphasis on the business side and not enough on the sport.  The most exciting motor car racing I have seen for years has been at the Goodwood Revival Meeting and generally Motogp and Superbike Racing beats them all!

This is all hard work today – thought I had lots to say but I haven’t really – let’s hope my next post is more inspired.


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