My thoughts, my life, my world!

What’s it all about then?

After all this time I have now decided what my blog is going to focus on!  I am developing into a grumpy old man so I am going to pass comment on all things that annoy me, all things that impress me, some things in the middle and a number of things that will change when I achieve world domination.

Having said this, my main interests are F1, Motogp, Superbikes (World and British) – I am also into music and I used to earn a crust in Marketing and PR so I am sure most of my opinionated rantings will focus on these subject areas.

Some of my posts you will agree with and some you will not – I can be fairly polarised and have been told that I have an over-developed sense of fairplay – if you do agree with my posted material, I will be pleased to hear from you – if you don’t, I will be equally pleased to receive your comments and we can take it from there!

I think that I have made a big enough effort for today so will leave it at that – they always say that the first line of the novel is the most difficult and this post has exhausted me.  Future posts will be on a much more regular schedule so watch this space!


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