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Here we are with a second post today – am obviously feeling refreshed!

I really enjoyed the Grand Prix yesterday, we actually had a proper race for a change!  I am not a fan of the Jake and Eddie show at all, I find that there seems to be a lot of negative comment about drivers and teams when it is unecessary – poor old Mark Webber is a little behind Vettel and his career is instantly over – the same for Massa compared with Alonso.  I think that both Webber and Massa came good this weekend – not to be written off yet!  I am afraid that the whole show was greatly improved, for me, without Mr Jordan.   And come to think of it – why is Alonso still driving in Formula One – I might be wrong, but from what I gather on the grape vine (and Bernie’s book!) – he should have lost his superlicence some time ago for alleged (and I use the word very carefully) dastardly deeds when driving for McLaren.  Thinking about McLaren, it is good to see Ron attending races again now that we have a new man in the Mosely seat.

I think that Lewis was very unfairly treated at the last GP – quite interesting that the time penalty lost him a place and Alonso just his time which made no difference to his placing at all – I don’t believe that Hamilton deserved a penalty anyway but what ever was awarded should have had the same effective penalty for both drivers.  The way McLaren drivers get treated, I was surprised that Jensen din’t get disqualified for mistakenly stopping in Vettel’s pit!

Felt sorry for Leon Haslam and Eugene Laverty yesterday, but brilliant rides from Jonathean Rea and Carlos Checa – Max seems to have got new life this year as well.

That’s it for now.


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